Film & Format-Development

We are a film production company, but we are much more than that. With our extensive experience in producing commercials in the B2C market and corporate communication in the B2B sector, we are the ideal partner to develop and produce creative concepts aligned with corporate goals.

We infuse strategic agendas with emotional storytelling, allowing crucial messages to resonate optimally with the target audience. Visually engaging and narratively precise, as we believe that B2B communication can – and should be – enjoyable.


We craft tailor-made film formats that authentically and effectively showcase your brand, whether through authentic employer branding campaigns, inspiring sustainability projects, or social media films enabling precise targeting.

We see ourselves not only as an executing film production but as a strategic partner capturing corporate values and goals in concepts that leave a lasting impression. We develop films for specific communication messages and series for long-term campaigns.

For instance, we have developed an employer branding series called „Career Stories“ with over 90 episodes and launched the „Greiner Hard Talks,“ a sustainability campaign where CEOs from various sectors are confronted with tough questions about their business.

Each format is built on a consistent look & feel and individual stories, ensuring a strong recognition value with ever-fresh content.

Employer Branding & Recruiting

Especially when working with non-professionals, creating a pleasant atmosphere is essential – very few employees feel comfortable in front of the camera right away. We consider it our responsibility to communicate on equal terms with the protagonists, alleviating fears and reservations about the shoot. Every shoot is unique, and we thoroughly prepare all participants. Our focus is always on the human aspect, not just the technology.

Sustainability & CSR

Sustainability is a personally significant topic for us, and therefore, sustainability and CSR projects are close to our hearts. The emphasis on both content and visual form is pronounced – we produce films with a message and impact. In times of climate change and an uncertain future, companies and brands play a crucial role. In our role as a film production company, we aim to make a small contribution to making the world a better place.

Corporate Communications

The era of lengthy image films, portraits of large machines, and managers patting their employees on the back is over – at least for us. Humanly authentic communication on an equal footing, focusing on the essentials, and being a strong partner who understands both the corporate strategy and the target audience.

Let's have a chat

So, that’s a very brief summary of how we help our clients engage their audience. We would love to have a personal chat with you to discuss our approach and highlight what has proven essential in our work for brands and corporations.