Employer Branding Films

We are a film production company, but we are much more than that. With our extensive experience in producing commercials in the B2C market and corporate communication in the B2B sector, we are the ideal partner to develop and produce employer branding concepts aligned with corporate goals.

We infuse strategic agendas with emotional storytelling, allowing crucial messages to resonate optimally with the target audience. Visually engaging and narratively precise, as we believe that B2B communication can – and should be – enjoyable.


We craft tailor-made film formats that authentically and effectively showcase your brand, whether through authentic employer branding campaigns, inspiring sustainability projects, or social media films enabling precise targeting.

We see ourselves not only as an executing film production but as a strategic partner capturing corporate values and goals in concepts that leave a lasting impression. We develop films for specific communication messages and series for long-term campaigns.

Capturing the essence of your brand’s strategic goals is central to our employer branding approach. We begin by understanding your company’s mission, vision, and core values through detailed research and discussions. This alignment ensures that our film production reflects and reinforces your brand identity.

For instance, we have developed an employer branding series called „Career Stories“ with over 100 episodes and produced „Greiner Walks,“ a series with 24 episodes where we get to know employees from all around the world, their personal drive, visions and culture.

Each format we create maintains a consistent look and feel with unique stories, ensuring strong brand recognition and continuously fresh content.

Creative Concept & Story

Creating a compelling narrative is key – we focus on employees‘ personal goals and drives, conducting in-depth interviews to understand their unique journeys. This ensures the narrative is engaging, relatable, and genuine. By highlighting real stories, we humanize your brand and showcase the people driving its success.

Flanking Formats

We support your employer branding with complementary formats, reinforcing and expanding your core messages. Engaging your audience through various channels ensures a consistent presence. This holistic approach maximizes the impact of your branding efforts, enhancing your overall strategy and offering multiple ways for your audience to connect with your brand.

Consistency & Authenticity

We ensure consistency and authenticity in all content. By aligning with your brand guidelines and capturing real moments, we make your content relatable and impactful. Our commitment to these principles builds a strong, credible employer brand that reflects your company’s values and culture, attracting and retaining top talent.

DEI Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We highlight diverse backgrounds and perspectives, demonstrating your commitment to an inclusive environment. Our content celebrates differences and promotes equality, enhancing your employer brand and showing your company as a place where everyone can thrive. This focus on diversity and inclusion positions you as an employer with inclusivity at heart.

Recruiting Films

We create authentic recruiting films that highlight your company’s culture, values, and benefits. By showcasing real employees and their experiences, we give candidates genuine insight into what makes your company special. Our films resonate personally, helping you attract talent aligned with your vision and standing out in the job market.

Natural Performances

We create a comfortable atmosphere for employees unaccustomed to the camera, alleviating fears and reservations. Each shoot is unique, with meticulous preparation ensuring a smooth process. Focusing on the human aspect, we foster a relaxed environment, enabling employees to share their stories naturally and confidently.

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So, that’s a very brief summary of how we help our clients engage their audience. We would love to have a personal chat with you to discuss our approach and highlight what has proven essential in our work for brands and corporations.