Branded Entertainment

Audiences want to be entertained, brands want to transport their values. Traditional advertisement only serves one party. Branded Entertainment serves both parties. People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. Brand storytelling offers the unique opportunity to talk with your audience, not at them. Rather than just selling, brands can give something of true value.

What we are really good at is to tell stories in every imaginable medium, from a small children’s book to a large international web series. We don’t think in terms of B2B or B2C, we believe in Human to Human communication. Our broad international network of writers, illustrators, directors and animators are experts in many different fields and we will compile the perfect team for the highest impact – make the audience care!

Commercials are short lived. Stories are here to stay.

Stories create value, provide entertainment, charge the brand with emotion and establish a strong connection with the audience – everything solid marketing should achieve but with a lasting impact.

“There are only two ways to influence human behavior: you can manipulate it or you can inspire it.” ~ Simon Sinek ~

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The most basic form of a story can also be the most authentic way to transport your purpose and values. Books offer a fast turnaround and great value for both regional and international audiences. Our writers and illustrators from all around the world will transform your message into a memorable story.

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Short Movies

Live action or animation – short movies provide high emotional impact and entertainment value. Engage your audience, emotionally charge your brand and build a relationship with your clients. Our combined experience in commercial and entertainment productions ensure a movie that hit’s it’s mark, both strategically and emotionally.

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Web Series

Hook the audience with exciting and ongoing episodes featuring beloved characters. Utilize your web series for PreRoll ads or social media content with recurring entertainment. Little Lights Studio developed and produced international web series that exceeded all KPIs through the power of story.

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Experience real life through the lens of a storyteller. Brand documentaries are a fantastic format to provide in-depth insights and generate great additional footage for spin-offs and shorter specialized clips. The key for impactful brand communication is authenticity and a sensitive and experienced production team.

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Podcasts & Audiobooks

Audio content fits perfectly in our modern lifestyle – where reading or watching is not possible, podcasts and audiobooks step in. Fiction or non-fiction, B2B or B2C (or better: Human-to-Human) – there’s a great variety of formats and approaches. Little Lights Studio developed and produced the “Storytelling School for Families”, an international storytelling course aimed at parents & kids.

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Apps & Gamification

After the hype and the need that each and everyone has to create one, mobile apps are like any other form of entertainment: you have to find the right purpose and actually provide added value. Apps & gamification are not the solution to every need, but the perfect tool if done right.

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Supplementary Stories

A child care product accompanied by a cute children’s book featuring the brand character, a QR code on a product that leads to an online scavenger hunt or a handcrafted piece with it’s unique brand story. Emotionally charge your product and make specific items entertaining.

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Social Media Storytelling

Let your audience take part in interactive storytelling on Instagram, TikTok or Facebook. Strategically crafted social media stories engage the audience and even allow to alter the course of the story. We’ve developed highly engaging social media campaigns with high relevance for the target audience.

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And Many More

Brand characters, short story collections, stories in virtual space or interactive storytelling – modern tools and platforms are in rapid change. Each platform and technology demands unique approaches to storytelling. While the craft changes, stories will always impact audiences.

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Lets Talk

If you are interested in branded entertainment or you’re still not sure if it’s the right thing for you, let’s have a chat.

We’ll talk about your goals, target audience and different possible formats. We will highlight all pros and cons and help you define a suitable framework for possible next steps.

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This process is all about finding the best brand-market fit for your entertainment piece. We provide different exploration packages to perfectly suit your specific needs.

From first market research and ideas to fleshed out storylines, strategic considerations and artist proposals with moods & samples.

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Get Started

After the exploration has been feed-backed and aligned, we’re ready to kick off production.

We offer an inclusive workflow and like to bring everyone to the table to create the best piece of entertainment for your brand and the audience.


If you’re looking for a film production with strong focus on emotional storytelling, a partner to develop film formats for a specific audience or just want to have a chat – let’s get in touch.

We’ve got great coffee and, as far as we can tell, are pretty nice people too!