Storytelling has become a buzz word in marketing – our unique approach is to combine the traditional craft of storytelling in the entertainment world and use the same techniques for brand & corporate communication.

We tell your stories in every imaginable medium, small to big, regional or international.

For further information about the topic of storytelling we can recommend our free eBook – see the download link below.

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We love to talk about storytelling in all shapes and sizes – be it on the stage in keynotes, in a room as workshops or simply as a bouncing partner to develop ideas.

Every project will benefit from a well crafted story.

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Finding the right way to tell a story is hard and oftentimes a little help and collaboration is all it takes. We have crafted storylines for important business presentations, developed stories for games and collaborated with many brands and companies to flesh our the best story possible.

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Intellectual properties and brand characters come in all shapes and sizes and expanding into new forms and media is a great challenge. Drafting a picture book series from successful children apps, developing a TV series from a book or create a web series based on a brand character – we are here to help.

Free eBook

In „Brand Storytelling“ we cover the important basics of storytelling, specifics of different story formats and do’s and don’ts of creative collaboration.

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If you’re looking for a film production with strong focus on emotional storytelling, a partner to develop film formats for a specific audience or just want to have a chat – let’s get in touch.

We’ve got great coffee and, as far as we can tell, are pretty nice people too!