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To present Strabag’s state-of-the-art training center as attractive and appealing to potential apprentices, we developed a unique recruiting and employer branding film. The target audience was young talents seeking a practical and future-oriented education.


  • Target Audience Engagement: Spark enthusiasm and interest among young apprentices.
  • Innovative Presentation: Showcase the training center and its opportunities from a fresh perspective.
  • Efficient Production: Maximize shooting day efficiency while maintaining high-quality standards.


To achieve these goals, we chose a modern and engaging format: a POV (Point of View) spot told from the perspective of an apprentice. This offers the young audience an immersive and immediate experience that directly engages and excites them.

For the production, we used a single 360° camera. This innovative technology allowed us to:

  • High Daily Output: The 360° view enabled us to capture extensive scenes in a short time.
  • Intensive Post-Production: The adjustment and setup of shots were done in post-production to ensure a perfect and dynamic presentation.


The finished film provides a dynamic insight into the Strabag training center. It showcases the modern facilities and practical training opportunities in a way that appeals to young talents.


The POV spot and the use of the 360° camera made the Strabag training center an attractive destination for young talents. This approach demonstrates how creative techniques and modern technologies can be successfully employed to effectively reach target audiences.


Director & Editor: Dwin Mardigian
Camera: Matthias Smycka
Production: Julia Wertheimer


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