Safe & Sustainable Filming

Safety has always been a priority but in times of a global pandemic, it’s our first and foremost goal to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Little Lights Studio produced a number of large international projects so our next logical step was to extend our remote workflow for regional productions as well.

In our globalized world pandemics are an immediate threat, climate change is the long term threat we will all have to deal with.

It’s a perfect fit when safety and sustainability measures go hand in hand – we have put together our most important measures to highlight our adapted workflow.

Reliable Remote Workflow

Large animation projects are set up for a remote workflow from the get go, from first client meeting to final approval. Our tried and tested workflow is reliable, secure and ready for projects across the globe or right around the corner.

Digitized Pre-Production

Video calls and online presentations are nothing new. Our pre-production includes animatics as de-facto standard - animated storyboards with music, effects & temporary dialogue. It’s easy to evaluate timing, impact and look & feel in an early stage of production.

Network of International Crews

A large network of international partners and regional crews all over the world allows efficient shootings with minimal traveling.

Minimal Viable Teams

Our intention is to focus on the key essential crew only - especially in regards of traveling. Whenever possible we work with regional crews and keep our environmental footprint to a minimum.

Safe Shooting Environment

Work safety is a matter of fact, in times of COVID-19 even more so. Our shootings comply with governmental requirements, additionally we provide face masks and hand sanitizer for everyone involved.

Remote Feedback & Approvals

Online approvals are a standard in animation and prove to be extremely efficient and flexible in live action productions as well. We utilize a collection of tools to provide an easy to use and user friendly way of online approvals.

Creative Alternatives

These times force us to rethink the way we do business – rethinking creative projects can actually be a good thing.

There are countless different creative approaches to deliver a message when actual shootings are not possible or feasible. Animation provides a huge array of styles for every intention and budget – from 2D to 3D and everything in between.

Dynamic edits of existing footage or stock footage mixed with motion graphics, a mix of self shot footage or even creative concepts based on video chats – our network of authors and directors are ready to craft your next creative project.

Crisis Communication

We tied a special package for important crisis communication messages. Where possible we provide small and flexible crews with minimal equipment and a teleprompter.

We also created a remote recording guide so that companies and brands can deliver remote messages with proper guidance and post-production.

Localizations via subtitle can be embedded into the video or provided as SRT files for easy Social Media localization like Youtube.

In most cases we can guarantee a same-day delivery.

Get in touch

We’re doing our best to contribute however we can in times of crisis, please let us know if you have any questions regarding safety or sustainability in film production or need any help with your communication needs.

Stay safe and let’s get in touch.