Innovative Storytelling

Innovative technologies change the way we communicate and consume content and stories have to evolve too, but the very core principles of storytelling are here to stay.

All Things Digital

Stories are perceived differently in VR, AR, 360° or interactive films, the emotional impact of will never change. We’re on top of digital trends and are here to help.


State-of-the-art touch points to reach modern audiences allow for innovative forms of storytelling – games, point of sale campaigns, gamification or the next big thing, let’s explore the possibilities together.

Bedtime Stories

Awake the inner storyteller with diverse and empowering stories for young & old. The storytelling app for the whole family by Little Lights Studio.

Choose from well-curated stories in every kind of genre written by authors from all around the world. Each Storyworld contains bundles of 5 stories with familiar characters and settings – never run out of a great story to tell!

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The Future is Now

Modern trends and new technologies evolve faster and faster but storytelling is here to stay. Each new medium demands different kinds of stories, but the core principles stay the same.

There are many new and exciting possibilities, let’s explore them together.

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