BRAND STORYTELLING A hands-on guide to craft branded content that makes the audience care

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Storytelling has become a widely popular buzz word in marketing and social media campaigns particularly. But real storytelling goes far deeper than a montage of beautiful shots or lovely photos. In this short guide Michael Sokolar covers the important basics of telling a story, specifics for many different content formats, and do’s and don’ts of creative collaboration.


What exactly is a story, how do you craft one and why do stories work so well with audiences? We’ll cover story structure, appealing characters, and unique insights into the craft of storytelling.

Story Formats

Each medium will dictate different storytelling techniques and cater to different audiences. We’ll highlight the strengths and specifics of the most popular formats and platforms with compelling insights and examples.


Crafting story-driven campaigns is never done in a vacuum and a healthy client-creative collaboration is key for successful campaigns. We’ll share a few dos and don’ts for creative development and time well spent.


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